When the world stopped

– What do you want? – she asked.
– I want a second chance. I want to do something right. – he said.
– I don’t know how many second chances we’ve had. I’m wondering if it’s worth waiting, I don’t know what to expect from you.

They were both standing, looking at each other, she could see in his eyes all the pain she wanted to heal and the hope she wanted to feel. She couldn’t understand how he was able to make everything disappear, just by looking at him. He looked at her, and the disappointment in her eyes was hurting him. He wanted to find the way to make her understand that he wouldn’t hurt her anymore, that it wasn’t all a mistake and he wanted to make her the happiest woman on Earth.

But he remained silent, while losing all hope. She wasn’t going to let him see her cry, not now, not because of him. And so, with the pain aching in her heart, like a bullet, she turned around with thousands of unanswered questions and her soul broke into pieces.

Without perceiving it, something turned her back. It was him holding her in his arms. He didn’t know why he did it, but it felt amazing to have her so close, smelling the sweetness of her hair, he was fascinated by her scent. They were so close, that they could listen to their heartbeats simultaneously going stronger and faster. It was at that moment, being so close, holding her to his body, that the words came out not from his lips, but from his heart.

– You are the only thing I think about before falling asleep, I dream about you, wake up thinking about you. I’ve tried everything to keep you away from me because I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve your time or to have you here, but I can’t be without you. I’m going to make your life complicated, but I will love you like anybody else will ever do. You make me say and do all the things I’ve thought I couldn’t even feel again. You’re a light, every, you’ve come when I didn’t want you to but needed you the most and I…

He didn’t know what else to tell her, he just knew what to do. He took her face in his hands. He was able to see every freckle contouring her face, her curly hairs was flying around, and her lips were so perfect, as if they were drawn by the best painter of all times. He took apart every hair from her face to see her beauty one more time. She felt his cold hands on her skin, he was so incredibly close, like never before. She could see his perfect face, his eyes had the color of coffee, framed by his long eyelashes. His skin was so white like the snow, with an almost unperciptible blush, covered by his beard, which gave him the look of rebel that she adored. On that moment she saw again the boy for whom she fell from the very first day.

How were they able to feel so many things? Their hearts were about to explode in million fragments, and suddenly the world stopped, and all the lights on Earth turned off. They felt their blood running in their bodies and their heartbeats dancing in the same melody.


He kissed her, he didn’t know how much he wanted it until it happened. And she kissed him, after so many times dreaming of that moment, never thinking she would be able to feel sparks under her skin, jumping of joy after each second. And they kissed as they have never kissed before, they kissed with their naked souls, giving it all in. They kissed because it was the only answer to all the questions. They kissed compensating for all the time they have been lost around the world, dreaming about finding each other and living that moment. They kissed without letting any words to interrupt them, because where love exists, the words are unnecessary. They kissed and realized at that moment everything they have lived before, because every mistake and achievement made them meet on the same path. They kissed forgetting who they were, because from that moment they were going to be forever one.

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*Thanks Romana for correcting this text.

We could have been, but we will never be

Listen to your head, but talk from the heart. – Marguerite Yourcenar

We could have been the crazy couple walking down the street, laughing at our past. Two unique souls that found each other at the worst moment, but at the right time. We could have been the perfect combination of laughs and tears, the mutual reason to smile and daydream. The reason why people smiles when looking at us walking hand by hand.

We could have been the blend of sweetness and bitterness, of light and darkness, the balance needed in our lives. The perfect illustration that fate exists, that there are things which are just meant to be. We could have been what I never expected but always dreamed of. What you never thought but always wanted.

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We could have been a mutual torture, as addictive as oppressive, so needed and persistent. A friendship wanting something else, waiting for the perfect time. We could have been shining fireworks on a cloudy sky. A diary written just by us.

We could have been your last thought before falling asleep and my first thought when waking up. The best reason to lose our minds, because we need our imbalance to live in peace. We could have been the chance to fly without any wings; the opportunity to laugh out loud at our mistakes, at what we find so hopelessly adorable.

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We could have been all what you decided not to. What I am tired of believe in, what we didn’t start to create. We could have been all this and more, what you always wanted but will never fight for. What I accept to need but cannot wait any longer. The battle we lost without struggling. We could have been but we will never be, because I love you but I love myself, because you love me but you don’t love yourself.

Chances and coincidences

I don’t believe in love at first sight, I believe in a love of chances and coincidences. I believe that destiny plays with us, and always does so for a reason. I believe in the five minutes of conversation that allow you to know, and perhaps allow you to start loving someone. I believe in long conversations, during which time flies. I believe in strong, fast feelings, those that scare you, but still that fear doesn’t stop from urging you to jump off the edge.

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I believe that life gives so many turns, until you find someone who makes you wonder “Where was he/she all this time?” I believe in coincidences, in odd things that drive you crazy. I don’t believe in soul mates, I believe in complementary, eccentric and unique souls.

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I believe in the weakness of my feelings, in the patience of waiting for something that can be perfect. I believe in no regrets regarding my mistakes, because I learn from them. I believe in opening my heart and saying all the things I feel, to not remain silent. I believe in following my instinct and letting myself go. I believe in looking at the sky, because it is the one that you can look too. I believe in waiting for the good, but fighting for the great. I believe in living without expectations and in being surprised by everything. I believe in shadows, because make the light brighter. I believe in attraction and connection without a reason, in not following the rules and not being what the world expects. I believe in songs and tears, in looks and smiles.

I believe in you, I believe in me. I believe in you and me. 

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